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Amenities and Services

Kilbroney Health Care offers a wide range of amenities and additional services to enhance every patient's experience.


Our Facilities & Amenities

Access to seven acres of mature gardens with a separate enclosed courtyard for residential and visitor use. 
A designated rehabilitation room
A designated garden room for visitors and guests
A “Zen” room for relaxation or taking time out
A designated sheltered smoking area
Provision of religious services as required or requested
Provision of daily newspapers
Provision of toiletries and essential care items
Hairdressing and personal care appointments
Podiatry as required
Access to allied healthcare professionals via GP

Activities & Events

To promote social connection and engagement, Kilbroney Health Care also offer a range of activities and events including:

Outings and Day Trips: Two dedicated buses are available at Kilbroney Health Care to facilitate day trips for residents.

Crafts and Activities: Kilbroney Health Care employs an activities coordinator to organize stimulating activities including quizzes, crosswords, word searches, jigsaws, walks, knitting, bingo, dog therapy, cooking, local walks, grocery s arts and crafts, and many other activities to suit resident’s individual needs.

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